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My Dream Mac #2 (Macbook Touch Concept)


(iPod Touch + iMac + Macbook Air) / 3
Desktop Calendar Wallpaper: April Macbook Air

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Mac Morph?

What amazed me most about the Morph concept by Nokia is that it came from Nokia itself, not by a daydreaming designer like me, meaning it’s quite promising. I really like the material that is flexible enough to change its form. If that’s really possible, first it could be used as a display, second, fold […]

iMac Calendar Wallpaper

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Macbook Air Calendar Wallpaper

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Mac Stuff

Note that these are all design concepts as I mention in the “about” page. Dial to Unlock Slide to … Polaroid iPhone Dock Concept World Cleanest Graffiti— iPhone App Concept iPetals Post-It on Desktop Icons iPhone Dock Sketches “I’m-Working!” Screensaver iAcqua Sketches Swing, Charge & Study You Can Work It Out Your Desktop To Go […]

My Dream Mac (Macbook Touch? Mac Nano?)

Please check out the latest post “My Dream Mac #2 (Macbook Touch Concept)“. (I updated my dream mac in a later post. See this one, too.) Now that iPhone and iPod touch are out, “touch panel” is proved to be great by the world. I hope a mobile mac like this will come out. Technically […]

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SUM! – iPhone Math Game App

My first iPhone app! I’m so glad to introduce this app born completely from my idea to you all. SUM! – Intuitive Math Puzzle Game 直感的計算パズルゲーム from Mac Funamizu on Vimeo. Math with Lovable Numbers! SUM! is a fun math game that teaches the concept of addition and subtraction through play. In the app, the […]