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iGoogle Theme: Simple Black in Helvetica

I almost forgot I submitted a theme of iGoogle for BonstioNet a few months ago, and it was chosen the second (third? I don’t remember) prize in their design cometition.
You can download the theme to use it by first installing “Custom iGoogle Skins” at BonstioNet. After installing it, see “custom skins” in your iGoogle and check out the cool skins it has. Mine’s called “simple black” as you see in the image. Click it if you like it and you’ll see your iGoogle always in that theme.

iGoogle Skin- Simple Black in Helvetica


Customizing your drink in website before going to Starbucks

Customizing your drink in website before going to Starbucks

How about having a website where you can customize your cup of Starbucks coffee as you like (hopefully intuitively with lots of visual aids) on your PC, mobile or PDA and SEND it to your favorite Starbucks store? You just go to the store and tell your number given in the website, and the clerk says “OK, you pre-ordered ‘Grande Add shot Caramel Light Whip Caramel Sauce Mocha Sauce White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino’, right?” instead of your saying it. In the website, you see other customers’ choices, suggestions, tips for your choice, rankings, etc. Some of those are already realized in the Japanese Starbucks website, but I believe they can add some Amazon-like features to it. It’s wiin-win-win situation for you, Starbucks and other customers.