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Google Reader? iTunes?

The new iTunes interface could be used for Google Reader.

Google Reader? iTunes?
grid view

Google Reader? iTunes?
cover flow

Google Reader? iTunes?
expanded view

By the way, I still hope iTunes will handle RSS feeds so that I can browse blogs on my iPod Touch offline.

Microwave + MP3 = ?

Microwave + MP3

If a microwave has MP3 tunes of certain length, say 1 min, 3 min, 5 min, etc., you know WHEN the waiting will be over without looking at the tiny time panel. (The tunes have to be your familiar ones, of course.) And you can have fun cooking!

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Read blogs on iTunes: To use an iPod Touch as an offline RSS reader

Blog on iTunesI would be really happy if I could read blogs or RSS feeds on iTunes because that means I can “carry” and see them on my iPod anywhere I go. That’s important to me because there are so few “public WiFi” places around me. Using the iPod’s text storage function is not good enough because it has lots of limitations for viewing websites.It’s natural to think that an iPod connects to the net and save data necessary when it’s available and switch to an offline mode when WiFi is not available.