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If I say I’ll change my wordpress theme to Hemingway from next year, does that bother you? I’m so in love with that simple look, but it doesn’t show any images by default. You’ll need to click the title (or “read on”) to see images in a post, which could be a pain in the neck especially if you’re using an RSS reader.

wordpress hemingway theme

By the way, I’m working on another mobile phone concept, which will be my last item for this year. And the very last post will be “top 20 of 2008”. I’ll re-render the most favorite gadgets for the post.

Something is wrong with WordPress

I can’t upload any new images to my blog right now.

Also, for some reason the comments from my readers mysteriously keep disappearing. I’ve never dumped any comments for at least a week. Please don’t give up and keep dropping me your comments!