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Funny USB Memory Sticks #2

The first ones seem popular so far, so I’ll introduce a few more.

Funny USB Memory Stick #2-1

Funny USB Memory Stick#2-2

Funny USB Memory Stick #2-3

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10 responses

  1. Kit

    hahaha! Are these real? What a chore lugging these around.. hehe..

    April 5, 2008 at 6:50 am

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  3. I think these are just mock up designs. Pretty neat though.

    April 5, 2008 at 10:11 am

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  5. hmmmm….. I don’t get it!? *scratches head.

    April 5, 2008 at 9:24 pm

  6. Jasmine Yang

    Dear Sir/madam

    I am Jasmine, the editor of DESIGN BIMONTHLY that published by Taiwan Design Center.

    We would like to introduce the “Funny USB Memory Sticks #1~#3” in our next issue,
    and I am wondering if you could provide me with the material and products photos I need?

    Thanks for your kind help and hope to hear from you soon.

    Best regards,

    Taiwan Design Center | Design Magazine
    Editor Jasmine Yang
    Mobile: 0911-087-315
    TEL: 886-2-2655 8199 ext161
    FAX: 886-2-2655 7949
    3F., Bldg. G,3-1 Park Street, Nangang Taipei 115, Taiwan

    As the first and leading design magazine in Taiwan, 《DESIGN》BIMONTHLY has been issued for over twenty-six years and contributed on providing the latest design trend and offering analysis reporting domestically and internationally for Taiwan design industry.
    Since 2005 TAIWAN DESIGN CENTER has taken over of this magazine, and with the support of a national design center, 《DESIGN》 has become an authority media. The new edition《DESIGN》 is based on the original industrial design information and covers all kinds of design fields with the main themes of “Creativity, Design, Brand Marketing” by reporting the design news, product information, brand research and market trend. Recently 《DESIGN》 expands both Hong Kong and China markets, the influence of this Magazine is increasing and spreads out all over the Chinese community.

    September 1, 2008 at 10:55 am

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  8. Those are really cool designs, but aren’t they a little big in person? Or does it just seem that way in pictures?

    Thought you might like to see some more creative USB drives- I just wrote a blog about some that I found funny.

    Check it out if you get a chance and thanks for the pictures!

    October 14, 2009 at 5:07 am

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  10. bandsxbands

    My friend and I were recently discussing about technology, and how integrated it has become to our daily lives. Reading this post makes me think back to that discussion we had, and just how inseparable from electronics we have all become.I don’t mean this in a bad way, of course! Societal concerns aside… I just hope that as memory gets less expensive, the possibility of downloading our brains onto a digital medium becomes a true reality. It’s one of the things I really wish I could experience in my lifetime.(Submitted using Nintendo DS running R4i FFOpera)

    March 3, 2010 at 5:49 pm

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